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Athena Essential Oil Diffuser 120ml

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BPA Free
No Heat, Cool steam
  • ✔ Athena operates easily with the help of a remote controller that can also alter or shut off the light settings.
  • ✔ The mist lamp operates quietly to provide sweet relaxation with new eco technology. Athena can be safely used anywhere in the house.
  • ✔ NATURE'S AROMA VAPORIZER - Use it as an oil diffuser, ionizer, atomizer, purifier, humidifier, air refresher. Through this process, the aromatherapy as an energizing and relaxing treatment is greatly deemed as a powerful health option.
  • ✔YOUR PURCHASE INCLUDES BONUS - Free eBook "" 10 GREAT TIPS FOR YOUR ESSENTIAL OILS" - A beneficial and beautiful illustrated eBook that provides tips for essential oil users. Drop a few essential oil on the diffuser, walk away and enjoy the nature aromatherapy at your comfort of home, spa, office or yoga studio. Download your eBook by following the link on the insert paper inside the package.