Health Benefits of Essential Oils

Essential oils have become quite popular today. These are extremely concentrated phytochemicals which are not soluble in water. These are distilled from varied plants, and can be easily distilled from flowers, roots, leaves and various other plant parts. Due to the phytochemical concentration, these oils are extremely potent. Although these have been used for centuries, it is only now that they are being used more and more in order to cure various ailments which cannot be cured as easily with standard allopathic medicines. Although their use can sometimes give rise to a few problems, they usually offer a wide range of benefits. Read on and know about the health benefits of using these oils.

Essential Oils – What are the Health Benefits?

With regular use of these oils, you can achieve a proper balance of the important hormones in your body. This can help boost your immune system and make you recover faster from different ailments. Naturally, these are used as prime ingredients in many beauty products and home-made cleaning products. Whether for improving scalp and hair health, opening the sinuses, calming the nerves, shrinking thyroid nodules or cleansing the skin, these oils are perfect.


When diluted, these oils can be used topically in order to benefit the skin. For natural cleansing of air and for diffusion, the oils are perfect. Under proper medical supervision, the oils can help deal with infections. These are also used in bug sprays made in home for naturally keeping outdoor pests away.


How to Use Essential Oils Safety?


It has to be kept in mind that essential oils are highly potent. Naturally, these safety precautions should be remembered while using them.

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  • Use as little of these oils as you need. Using more of these can be counterproductive, whether in case of topical use or oral consumption.

  • Before topical use, particularly on kids, these oils should best be diluted and applied. A qualified medicinal doctor or aromatherapist should be consulted before using them.

  • While buying these oils, it is important to make sure that the ingredients are organic in nature. In essential oils, pesticides can be concentrated even more. Ensure that the oils are completely pure and the ingredients are obtained from native areas of each plant. Oils of superior quality should be manufactured without using any chemicals. These are obtained from organic plants which are found to grow in natural habitat.

  • Also check whether or not the packages list all any contraindication or precaution, such as medicines or pregnancy safety measures, for each type of oil that is contained within.

  • Before consuming these orally, a qualified medical professional need to be contacted in order to prevent any problems. According to some studies, aromatic use happens to be more effectual than topical use. This is obviously a lot safer.

Peppermint, Lavender, Orange, Lime, Lemon, Rosemary, Melaleuca/ Tea Tree and Frankincense are some of the main ingredients that are used in essential oils for aromatherapy or topical application. Each of these is extremely potent plant compounds and need to be used very carefully.