Properties and Benefits of 5 Essential Oils


5 Essential Oils You Should Give a Try

Read and know about 5 essential oils which are very popular and are used quite commonly.

  1. Lemon Oil – It helps cure fatigue, boost the mood, reduce anxiety symptoms, detoxify the body and remove acne. When combined and used with baking soda, it can whiten the teeth naturally.

  2. Peppermint Oil – This powerful oil can improve your concentration, and provide you with a lot of energy. It is able to cure nausea, headache and stomach pains. On waking up from sleep, you can pour a few drops of the oil onto your palm, rub it with both hands and smell the aroma. Just a few breaths will remove all traces of sleepiness and make you fully awake. It is also a powerful natural cure for digestion, and all you have to do is add 2 – 3 drops of it to a glass filled with water and consume it.

  3. Chamomile Oil – Its use can assist you in sleeping better. The oil is good for hair care, and can also tone your skin. You can reduce nervousness with regular use of this oil. You can drink chamomile as tea or pour a few drops onto your pillow cover, to sleep better.

  4. Cinnamon Oil – The oil has amazing fragrance but that is not all about it. It can keep bugs and mosquitoes away with regular use. It can be sprayed regularly around home, in order to keep away bugs. It can boost blood circulation and provide relief from joint aches. Regular use can help control blood sugar, and simply smelling it prior to meals can reduce your hunger sensations.

  5. Eucalyptus Oil – The use of the oil can treat skin problems, increase your focus, treat your respiratory problems and asthma and also cure joint and muscle aches. Simply adding 5 – 7 drops of the oil to a pan filled with boiling water and inhaling its steam can keep your sinuses clear. Combining Eucalyptus oil with lemon oil and using the mixture can keep bugs away.


It is recommended that you use essential oils of superior quality, although they are costlier. These are extremely concentrated plant extracts, and you should need simply 3 – 4 drops every time. However, in case you are planning to consume essential oils orally for improving your health, you should first consult a qualified doctor.