Interesting Facts About Lemon Essential Oil

Lemons are known for its immense health benefits. Lemons are loaded with nutrients and is one of the world’s most wanted tropical fruits. It receives its attention for vitamin C! Indeed, lemons and lemon essential oils are filled with vitamin C. When lemons are converted to essential oil, it can be used to cleanse. Of course, the oil has many other uses too!


What is Lemon Essential Oil?


Lemon essential oil is also known as citrus lemon oil. It is extracted from lemon peels. Around 1000 lemons should be used to produce a pound of lemon essential oil. An important compound in lemon essential oil is “Limonene”. This compound has plenty of health benefits. The essential oil was used extensively by ancient Romans, Indians and Egyptians. They used the oil to cure infectious diseases.


Around 50 to 70 percent of lemon essential oil is “Limonene”. Few other organic compounds would be terpineol, pinene and terpinene. These compounds are responsible for the oil’s antioxidant properties. Also, the oil has plenty of free-radical quenching and anti-inflammatory properties too. Most doctors rely on lemon essential oil for its antioxidants. The oil is loaded with antioxidants like beta- and alpha-carotenes, lutein and zeaxanthin.


Benefits of Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon essential oils have an interesting profile. They are used to cure many health conditions. Here is a quick walk through few common benefits of lemon essential oil:

  1. Reduce blood pressure and promote better blood circulation

  2. Fight against respiratory problems like sore throat, cough and bronchitis

  3. Improve the health of your immune system by triggering the growth of white blood cells

  4. Detoxify toxins from the body

  5. Reduce the risks of inflammation

  6. Control the way sebaceous glands work in the body. As a result, lemon essential oils can promote better hair growth.

  7. Help in handling acidity and heartburn! It improves stomach pH levels.


Uses of Lemon Essential Oil


If you want to get rid of morning sickness, you should spread few drops of lemon-, orange- and ginger- essential oil on a handkerchief and inhale. Likewise, you can use the oil to fight against hangover symptoms too! Many people consume lemon-, juniper-, cedarwood- and berry- essential oil to relieve from hangover. Last but certainly not least, lemon essential oil plays an integral role in cleaning homes. Just add 3 drops of the oil to warm water and spray it around your home.