Interesting Facts about Grapefruit Essential Oil

Undeniably, grapefruits are extremely delicious. They make a great ingredient in salads and fruit bowls! Apart from great taste, the fruit is loaded with many important nutrients. Just like many other citrus fruits, you can convert grapefruit to an essential oil. This oil has plenty of antioxidants and practical benefits. So, what is this grapefruit? Scientifically, the fruit is known as citrus maxima and citrus racemose. Citrus maxima is given to fruits of massive size.


It is quite interesting to note that the history of grapefruit is a big mystery. Some believe that the fruit came from Jamaica. Grapefruit essential oils are used in different types of aromatherapy. The oil is carefully extracted from the fruit’s peel. The flesh or pulp is not used to produce the oil. Just like many other citrus fruit-based oils, grapefruit essential oil is gathered through compression. It is rich with therapeutic properties.


An important ingredient in the grapefruit oil would be “Limonene”. In most cases, the percentage of limonene ranges between 88 and 95. Limonene is believed to have anti-cancer properties. Just like the fruit, grapefruit essential oil is loaded with antioxidants, especially vitamin C! Few other antioxidants in the oil are lycopene and vitamin A.


Benefits of Grapefruit Essential oil


Globally, grapefruit essential oil is recognized for its positive impact on the body’s lymphatic system. This is an important system in the body. It handles the body’s detoxification processes. With the help of grapefruit essential oil, you can boost the growth and activity of your lymph nodes. As a result, your body’s fluid retention ability will improve. Also, it will be able to handle skin disorders and allergies better. The essential oil is also known for its antimicrobial properties. It is capable of fighting against strains of bacteria. Due to the amount of antioxidants and vitamin C, the oil is capable of fighting free radicals and supporting your immune system too! Indeed, the oil is loaded with many health benefits.



Uses of Grapefruit Essential oil


Apart from medical uses, the oil has so many domestic advantages too! For example, you can use grapefruit oil to purify your refrigerator. Just add few drops of grapefruit oil to water and rinse your fridge. If you wish to improve your concentration abilities, you must inhale grapefruit and bergamot oil. Likewise, 8 to 10 drops of grapefruit oil will improve circulation.