How Can You Use Essential Oils in Daily Life?

Essential oils are known to benefit health in numerous ways. They can be inhaled, ingested and even applied topically. The inhalation of these oils is part of aromatherapy, and it helps calm the senses and cure various disorders in your home. This is a therapeutic process that involves inhaling essential oils extracted from aromatic substances which naturally exist in plants. These are composed of chemical substances that organically exist and have varied therapeutic properties. Many years of research and scientific studies have established the therapeutic benefits of these oils, and the chemical components contained in them have been proven to improve the health in many ways. But these oils are strong, and in order to use them safely in daily life you should follow these dilution guidelines.


1% dilution

It is used for kids under 12 years of age, men and women more than 65 years old and individuals with immune system disorders or suffering from long-term ailments. People who are usually sensitive to environmental pollutants, fragrances or chemicals will not have a problem with 1% dilution. It is a safe dose to start with for such sensitive individuals. Each drop of essential oil has a lot of vitality, which means fewer drops can be enough to get powerful results. Essential oils tend to have a high concentration, and when some of them are used in an undiluted form they can cause skin irritations.

2% dilution

It is used in general healthcare products designed for bath oils, natural perfumes and skin care. These are for blends that you would love to use on a daily basis. Generally, while using these oils on the skin it is preferable to get them diluted in a carrier first. Effective blends are usually made with the use of a dilution ratio consisting of 1%, 2% or 3% oil to the carrier.Essential oils are usually diluted in jojoba/organic oil, cream or unscented light lotion, which are known collectively as carriers. Essential oils can be mixed with some other organic oils, such as jojoba oil, which can nourish the skin. These oils will bind with the fats present in the carriers and take some time to seep into the skin, which would prevent problems of skin irritation.


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3% dilution

This dilution can be used while making a blend in order to cure a particular health problem of severe nature or even moderate health disorders, such as for providing relief from flu / cold or from pain. Powerful blends can be made easily at home, and you do not need a certification to create blends. All you need is an understanding of the concept of dilution. By following dilution guidelines properly, you can make sure that the aromatherapy products are gentle and safe to use.


Today essential oil blends are used in everything, from body care products to cleaning products. A full understanding of dilution guidelines will help you to use these oils safely at your home, for improving the health of yourself, your family members, friends and pets.