Facts About Tea Tree Essential Oil

Practically, one of the world’s cheapest and readily available essential oils comes from “Tea Tree”. Tea tree essential oils have many health and domestic uses. No wonder, experts consider this as the jack of all trades. When it comes to herbal oils, tea tree tops the list.


What is tea tree essential oil?


Tea tree essential oil is also known as melaleuca oil. It is obtained from the leaves of the tea tree plant. The plant is native to Australia. History reveals that Lieutenant James Cook, a British explorer named the plant in the 1770s. James Cook saw native Australians brewing tea from this particular tree! The tea tree plant is highly valued by Australian communities. They admire the plant for its healing powers. Many aboriginal communities in Australia (especially the east coast) use this plant to cure skin disorders. Crushed tea tree leaves can heal infections, cuts and burns. The antiseptic properties of tea tree essential oil became famous in 1920s. The oil ranges from pale golden-shades to yellow. And, it has a camphor like scent. Many people use tea tree essential oils as a part of their aromatherapy sessions. It can soothe the mind and offer a relaxing environment.





Benefits of tea tree oil


As mentioned previously, tea tree essential oil has being an all-rounder. It is highly effective in curing warts too! There are so many studies around tea tree essential oil. Here is a quick walk through few common benefits:

  1.  The tea tree essential oil is capable of curing acne. The oil is several times effective and safer than benzoyl peroxide. It doesn’t cause any side effects.

  2. According to a study in the Journal of Tropical Medicine & International Health, tea tree oil is good in handling fungal infections.

  3. Just like fungal infections, the oil heals bacterial infections too!

  4. In aromatherapy, the oil is used to clear head- and chest- congestion. Even if you have a stuffy nose, you will be suggested to use tea tree oil.

Uses of tea tree oil


In addition to these benefits, tea tree essential oil has the following uses:

  1. The oil can be used as a face wash. Tea tree essential oils can fight against acne. It can be mixed with many ingredients like raw honey.

  2. Do you want to make a deodorant at home? If yes, mix beeswax with coconut oil and tea tree oil!

  3. Two drops of tea tree oil is enough to heal blistered skin.