Facts About Cypress Essential Oil

What is Cypress Oil?

Over the past few generations, the cypress tree has been linked with immortal soul, grief and mortality. Apart from these beliefs, the plant has many scientific benefits. It’s fragrance and relaxing abilities are very powerful. By default, cypress essential oil is obtained from the evergreen deciduous tree. This tree is identified by its small flowers and green foliage. It produces brown-gray cones with nuts inside. The plant is native to Southern Europe. Today, cypress trees are used to produce the amazing cypress essential oil. This is a yellowish or greenish oil with a woody, fresh and herbaceous scent. The oil is famous for its invigorating and calming properties.


Benefits of Cypress Essential Oil

The talk about cypress essential oil will remain incomplete without its benefits. The oil is known for its far reaching benefits. Its properties are beneficial for both respiratory and circulatory systems. For example, cypress essential oil is helpful in clearing pores, fighting against cellulite and tightening the skin. Meanwhile, the oil is capable of doing the following too:

  1. Cypress essential oil is a powerful pain killer. It is capable of relieving pain from different parts of the body. You can use the oil to massage different parts of the body. The cypress oil is useful in relieving conditions like muscle pain, joint pain, osteoarthritis and rheumatism.

  2. Cypress essential oil will tighten your tissues. This can be attributed to the oil’s astringent properties. Many people use this oil to cure muscle, skin and gum issues. It prevents various parts from becoming loose and falling out.

  3. You can treat wounds using cypress essential oil. This can be attributed to the oil’s antiseptic properties. Both internal and external wounds can be cured using the oil.

  4. If you are suffering from serious digestion problems, the cypress essential oil can help you. The oil stops the production of gas in your intestines. Meanwhile, it triggers good digestion.

  5. There is a tight bond between the cypress essential oil and the liver. The oil is capable of promoting better liver health. It ensures optimal liver health.

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Uses of Cypress Essential Oil

There are many uses for the cypress essential oil. Here are few common uses:

  1. Cypress essential oil is a natural perfume. Many men’s cologne are formulated with cypress- and clove- oil.

  2. Cypress essential oil helps in healing broken bones.

  3. Cypress essential oil offers a quick relief from arthritis!