Facts About Clove Essential Oil

Everyone knows about “Cloves”. This is an aromatic spice that is common in both Indian and Chinese culture. Cloves are used for medicinal and cooking purposes. Over the years, cloves have been converted to many forms. The clove essential oil is a powerful version of the herb. The oil is renowned for its health benefits. Clove essential oil plays an integral role in gum and dental disease treatments. It is capable of killing parasites and fungus. In fact, clove essential oil can be used to treat various skin problems, prevent premenstrual syndrome, improve the flow of blood and boost energy levels.


What is Clove Oil?

So, what is clove essential oil? As suggested by its name, the oil comprises of clove buds.

Clove are unopened buds of a pink flower. These buds are native to Madagascar and Indonesia. To produce the oil, clove buds are dried and grounded. Grounded cloves can be used for cooking too! Clove essential oils are categorized into three different divisions: clove bud oil, clove leaf oil and clove stem oil.


Benefits of Clove Oil


As mentioned previously, clove essential oils have many benefits. The oil serves as a disinfectant, stimulant, pain killer, antifungal remedy and immunity booster. The oil’s benefits and power are mostly attributed to eugenol. This is an important chemical compound in clove oil. Around 90% of the oil is eugenol. Many treatments against mental exhaustion, anxiety, depression and stress involves clove essential oil. Yet, there are few more benefits:

  1. Clove essential oil can be used to treat gum diseases and boost your oral health. A study that was published in the Journal of Dentistry reveals that clove essential oils are as powerful as benzocaine.

  2. You can fight candida using clove essential oil. The oil destroys intestinal parasites and cures illnesses like vomiting or diarrhea.

  3. You can treat sore throat and coughs with clove essential oil. That is because cloves have the ability to fight against bacteria.


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Uses of Clove Oil


The talk about clove essential oil will remain incomplete without its uses. Here are few well known uses of the oil:

  1. You can use clove essential oil to clean kitchen odor. Few drops of citrus, cinnamon and cloves will do the trick!

  2. Do you want a wonderful smelling home? If yes, clove-, orange- and rosemary- essential oils should be mixed and spread in your home!

  3. Clove oil will help you kill pests.