Essential Oils – How Does Aromatherapy Help?


Aromatherapy Benefits – Is Inhalation Better or Application?

The benefits of Aromatherapy can be achieved in two ways:

  1. Inhalation – It helps restore spiritual and emotional balance. This therapy includes adding 4 – 6 drops of essential oil to any diffuser or a spray bottle containing water and spraying the mist through a room.

  2. Application – It is able to purify the body. You can add a few drops of an essential oil to fractioned, organic coconut oil and apply the mixture. You may also attempt to use the oil along with an unscented Lemongrass fragrance used in spas. The mixture can be massaged into the skin, in order to ease tension from muscles while the mind is also calmed. In many cases, users are recommended to dilute the oils before topically applying it.


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Precautions to Take Before Using Aromatherapy

  • It is not recommended for you to use application therapy on kids under 2 years old, as they have very delicate skin.

  • The dilution rate of the oil should be 0.5% for kids within 2 and 6 years of age. For every ounce of carrier oil, 2 to 3 essential oil drops should be used.

  • Before application therapy, pure essential oils should be diluted so as to prevent skin irritation. The oils should be applied carefully, leaving out the eye region.

  • The dilution rate of the oil should be 1% for kids within 6 and 12 years of age. For every ounce of carrier oil, 5 essential oil drops should be used.

  • The dilution rate of the oil should be 1% for kids more than 12 years of age, as well as grown-ups. For every ounce of carrier oil, 10 - 15 essential oil drops should be used.

  • These oils should not be used internally. Therapeutic grade, 100% pure essential oils have 70 to 100% higher potency than the actual herb. Naturally, consuming them can burn the intestinal lining, esophagus and stomach. Essential oils can also degenerate during digestion, which reduces their effectuality during inhalation or application therapy.

  • Many of these oils are not properly assessed by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Users are not recommended by the FDA to rely on such oils for diagnosis, prevention or treatment of disorders.

  • Essential oils are able to reduce stress levels, and can provide the body and mind with relief from tension. These can boost your mind and give you a spa experience in the comforts of your own home. However, before topical application, it is recommended that you get in touch with a qualified medical practitioner.