Can Essential oils support our body’s health?

The ancient people documented knowledge of essential oils adopted from the Egyptians. These ointments carried by soldiers into battle to counter infections. The Doctor, documented the effects of some 300 plants including peppermint. For over many years, different ethos have used these healing plant oils for a variety of health conditions. These are used for coolness, relaxation, calmness, beauty maintenance, home cleaning and most of all used as natural medicine.

Hypocrites wrote “a perfumed bath and a scented massage every day is the way to good health.”

All organic mixtures extracted from plants with incredible healing properties are called Essential oils. Applying essential oils for medicinal purposes is regularly called aromatherapy, which is a general treatment pursuing to recover emotional, physical & mental strength.



·         Ease fats and wrinkles

·         Calm aching muscles

·         Rectify skin illnesses

·         Lessen discomfort

·         Used in homemade beauty care

By using essential oils, you are connecting the caring and remedial powers of the plant. These helpful oils in plants protect the plant from flies, insects, pests and other creatures. Compounds in essential oils can even change the blood-brain barrier and it heals them. They are unlike from those in vegetables or nuts that come from large molecules that cannot enter your cells, so they are not therapeutic oils that help the bodies restoration.

Essential oils are extremely concentrated oils that consist of strong smell of aroma. By concentrating the oils of these plants, you are literally separating the most powerful healing compounds of a plant into a single oil. The properties of these different oil could be applying to treat other types of skin infections, wounds or burns.

To be  able to diffuse these oils use a high quality diffuser. Using a diffuser can make you experience the aids of essential oils. To lessen anxiety, to smell clean air use drops of lavender, to have a calm mood use drops of sweet orange, and drops of peppermint to increase focus and energy.