Benefits of Essential Oils - 10 Natural Oils that Can Heal Your Body

This is extremely versatile oil which is popular for its relaxing effects. It can cure skin cuts, irritation and bruises. The aroma of lavender is able to lower stress hormone levels in bloodstream, and just adding 4 – 5 drops into bath water can give you a good sleep at night.


Tea Tree

It is ideal for curing skin disorders, such as blemishes and fungus. It can treat athlete's foot and other fungal infections on skin, remove acne blemishes and make the skin clear. Tea tree oil is distilled from Melaleuca alternifloria, an Australian plant.



It can stimulate mental health and purify the body. Its inhalation boosts alertness and accuracy by as much as 28%. It is one of the few oils which can be consumed internally. Mix 4 – 5 drops of the oil into water and consume it, and you will find your digestion improving.



It can be used in different forms, such as in essential oil form. Calendula is especially perfect for treating sensitive skin and is able to reduce acne scars. Adding a few drops into bath water can help reduce psoriasis symptoms.

Organic Lavender


This amazing oil can provide relief from frequent allergies and colds as well as chest and nasal congestion. It can clear the sinuses and provide relief from soreness of muscles. Eucalyptus can boost the immune system and boasts of powerful antibacterial properties.



The effects of Chamomile as an essential oil are similar to when it is drunk as a tea. You can pour a few drops onto your pillow or drink it as tea before going to bed. The oil is popular for its relaxing properties.



It is a powerful natural cure for inflammation and depression. It enhances spiritual awareness and boosts the immunity. It can relax the nerves, heal bug bites fast and treat minor cuts.



It possesses strong antibacterial properties, and can prevent various ailments such as sough and cold. Topical application can prevent flu.

Organic Lemon


It can detoxify the system, cure acne problems and stimulate mental alertness. Lemon oil can increase concentration and focus. Topical application is able to keep bugs and fleas away from the bodies of pets.


Its properties are similar to that of lemon oil, and can make tired people feel rejuvenated. The oil works as a natural antiseptic, and can keep the house clean and safe when added to homemade cleansers for homes.