Benefits of Cedarwood Essential Oil

Extracted from the cedarwood tree, this amazing oil can deliver all kinds of benefits to the users’ health. Many times being used to preserve skin’s health and beauty, most people ignore how valuable this essential oil can be to boost our performance, mainly in mental terms.

In the following lines, we will briefly address the multiple benefits we can enjoy today by using cedarwood essential oil.

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Enhance Cognitive Functions

While using cedarwood oil to relax the body and mind by releasing tension is a frequent use, many people ignore what this can oil can do for mental performance. Experts insist in that cedarwood oil’s properties can boost concentration skills and memory capabilities.

Those users with demanding intellectual jobs can benefit from this oil by inhaling its vapor at home or having a small vial ready in their pockets. The whole point here is to increase productivity during intense mental activities.

Treat Skin Conditions

As we mentioned before, cedarwood oil is especially useful for treating skin conditions, even when these are severe. Conditions like psoriasis and eczema can be dramatically improved by applying this essential oil on the skin.

Fungal infections can also be treated by this oil, disinfecting the tissues and lowering inflammation. With topical application, cedarwood oil can refresh and heal the damaged skin.

Fight Bacteria Within the Body

Just like cedarwood essential oil can purify the skin and improve serious conditions, internal effects can be similar. A good example of this is how using the oil can protect the organism from tetanus germs, which are highly dangerous.

Studies also confirmed that using cedarwood oil can make the immune system more efficient against bacteria and toxins that may jeopardize health.

Improve Hair and Scalp Health

Cedarwood oil has been widely used to improve hair health on many different levels. A recent study showed how this oil can decrease hair loss by 44 percent, also improving growth of new hair. This new hair was thicker and healthier, leading to greater volume and beautiful tones.

Also, thanks to its antiseborrheic properties, the scalp can greatly benefit from this oil. Seborrhea causes terrible issues within the skin and sebaceous glands, quickly leading to infection, irritation, and pain. Correct use can alleviate the condition and heal the tissues.

Treat Respiratory Problems

Many essential oils can do wonders for respiratory problems but cedarwood oil has demonstrated its value on this matter. This oil has effective expectorant properties that can alleviate cold symptoms, serious congestion and cough.

By inhaling its vapor or drinking water with a few drops on it, cedarwood oil can dramatically improve the user’s conditions, clearing the respiratory tract and alleviating possible irritations.

Work as Bug Repellant

By mixing cedarwood essential oil with water, we can prepare a highly effective spray to use on the skin or any possible surfaces at home, enjoying this way from important bug repelling effects. The properties in this oil are strong enough to maintain mosquitoes, cockroaches, spiders, and any other kind of bugs at bay, either at home or outdoors.