Benefits of Bergamot Essential Oil


For many centuries, bergamot and its strong citrus scent have been used for many different preparations, including delightful colognes. Without a doubt, this is a special fruit with so many valuable properties.

That’s why we also found it in essential oil preparation. Bergamot oil is one of the most popular out there and the reasons for it are solid. In the following lines, we will talk about the benefits of bergamot essential oil in the everyday.

Fight Depression Symptoms

One of the first uses we gave to bergamot essential oil was related to depression. This oil has important antidepressant properties that can cause long-lasting, positive effects on the mood.

In order to accomplish such a thing, inhaling bergamot essential oil’s vapor or simply its scent alone, can increase blood flow and regulate the production of hormones, two things that may be causing emotional issues. As a result of treating depression with bergamot essential oil, the digestive system becomes more efficient, having a serious impact on overall health.

Calm Different Types of Pain

Bergamot essential oil is also known for its analgesic properties, notably alleviating pain in different areas of the body. The way this oil can achieve this is by stimulating the production of some hormones that can lower the pain sensibility of the nerves, creating a slightly sedative effect.

In fact, people often choose bergamot essential oil over analgesic pills, mainly because this natural alternative don’t cause any side effect.

Enhance Airflow in the Respiratory Tract

For those people with annoying allergies and mucous excess, bergamot oil can do wonders. The properties in this oil clean the excess of these substances within the body, carrying out an in-depth cleaning.

The way to use it is by mixing a few drops in a glass of water and drinking it. While doing so, we need to inhale deeply and allow the mixture to make its job. After a few moments, we’ll feel the respiratory tract clearer.

Protect the Skin from Bacteria

Among the most effective natural resources to maintain skin infections at bay, we have bergamot oil. This is one of the best disinfectants we can find in nature, being totally safe to use at the same time. It’s known that this essential oil can avoid the development and growth of bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

A solid proof of this is how bergamot oil is widely used in the cosmetic industry, being present in highly specialized soaps. Use it directly on your skin and protect it from possible infections.

Work as Cicatrizing

As another good use for our skin, we find how bergamot oil brings massive benefits for the cicatrization process. Applying this oil on the skin may help with scars and their disappearance, healing the damaged tissue and stimulating the distribution of the pigments that properly give color tone the skin.

Improve Digestive Processes

If you have any problems related to digestion, like heartburns or a hiatal hernia, using bergamot oil can greatly help. This oil can regularize the secretions of digestive acids and enzymes, making digestion more efficient.

As a direct result, constipation and colics are less likely to happen, mainly because overall health in the intestines improves.